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Ashley is excited to announce that she will be teaching dance and yoga in Oslo.

Slow Flow Yoga- 11am - 12pm
All levels are welcome, this is a great class to keep your body warm in the winter and stretch out those problem areas! This is a slow, yet effective approach to yoga.

Reserve your spot via Vipps 923 02 972!

Power Yoga- 12 - 13pm
This is a great class to work on strengthening and lengthening your muscles! All levels are welcome and will be challenged to strengthen their body. 

Reserve your spot via Vipps 923 02 972!

Lunch Break- 13 -14 pm

Belly Drills and Floor Work- 14 - 15 pm
This class is open to all levels. Basics will drill and learn Ashley's techniques, more advanced students will work on laying and traveling while moving. 
Reserve your spot via Vipps 923 02 972!

Veil Choreography- 15 - 16pm
In this class you will learn how to use a veil with confidence and strength, while making your movements look soft. We will also focus on the different ways to hold a veil. You will also be given a handful of new veil tricks and learn a choreography! 

Reserve your spot via Vipps 923 02 972!

Drop in- 200nok 
Two Classes - 350nok 
All 4 Classes- 600nok

Yoga! Ashley is a certified yoga instructor with 6 years of teaching experience. Ashley stumbled upon yoga in Seoul, South Korea ten years ago. As a dancer, she fell in love with the lines, flexibility, and newfound strength that yoga gave her. As a busy-minded person, she enjoyed the peace of mind that yoga brought to her life. Ashley has experience teaching all levels and ages and welcomes you to her yoga classes! 

Dance! Having grown up with a mother as a ballroom dancer, Ashley began dancing at the age of 4 and teaching dance in NYC in 2010. Ashley began belly dancing in 2005 after a trip to Armenia. Her foundation in belly dance comes from Marie Wilkes (IA, USA), Sujee Choi (Korea), Kaeshi Choi (NYC, USA), and Nourhan Sharif (NYC, USA). Her style focuses on veils, floor work and large movements to give a dramatic stage presence. Ashley welcomes you to enjoy dancing with her!